testimonials erueka natural beauty products new zealand handmade soapAfter years and years of dealing with over sensitive, dry, eczema prone skin I was ecstatic to discover your amazing facial oil and how much my skin LOVES it. Although, reluctant to try it at first, due to years and years of trial and error (mainly error), numerous trips to dermatologists and skin specialists, I have always been skeptical to try new products as it usually only means a hugely disruptive and painful aftermath. Since discovering your beautiful facial oil my skin feels great - smooth, soft and is never dry any more. Thank you. Your work is impeccable and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone :)

Hannah - Wellington

I use your facial oil every morning and night, and little else, it provides a great base for my makeup and is never greasy. I love it! 

I have suggested your products to several friends.

Jane - Wellington