Organic Rosehip Oil

$17.25 each


Rosehip Oil has a long and proven history as a beneficial beauty oil. High is essential fatty acids, vitamin E and the antioxidant lycopene rosehip oil is a natural power pack of goodness to feed your skin naturally.

Known to hydrate and treat dermatitis, acne and eczema, scarring (even old scars) and diminish fine lines it is absorbed quickly into the skin replenishing moisture and preventing dehydration.

Erueka Rosehip Oil contains only 100% certified organic rosehip oil, with no preservatives, colours or added fragrance.

Suitable for all skin types. Use morning and night as required.

Benefits of Rosehip Oil:

Improved complexion and hydration:
If you have dry or mature skin a daily application of rosehip oil will add vital moisture and protect your skin throughout the day and improve general skin appearance. Being quickly absorbs it is unlikely to clog pores and is suitable for all skin types.

Easing eczema and dermatitis:
The gentle yet powerful properties of rosehip oil will calm and ease the itch and redness and help retain moisture throughout the day. Do not apply to broken skin and we recommend a patch test to ensure suitability.

Promote healthy nail growth:
Using rosehip oil on your nails will promote strong growth and help prevent split cuticles.