handmade soap erueka natural beauty products new zealandWe make natural soap full of natural goodness and free from ingredients no one can pronounce.

Ingredients used are: Olive Oil, palm oil (certified organic and sustainably farmed), coconut oil, essential oils, sodium hydroxide and may include flowers and seeds and natural colorants.

All soap is made from oil, liquid and lye (also known as sodium hydroxide). During the soap making process lye works to bind the liquids and oils together, a process called saponification. Lye is transformed in the soap making process and is a necessary ingredient and the only 'chemical' acceptable in natural soap. Please note: there is no lye left remaining the final soap product due to the processes used.

Most commercially produced soaps contain a variety of chemicals with limited natural ingredients and it is this that can make them drying and harsh on the skin. If you are looking for natural soap, made traditionally then we can help.

Our soaps are made in small batches with ingredients sourced from a New Zealand based supplier with a strong reputation for quality. No expense is spared in sourcing the right ingredients.

We also grow some botanicals locally - the smell of freshly picked lavender drying is a treat!

Our soaps are handmade so no two bars are the same and vary in weight. Each bar weighs between 90 - 120 grams.

I hope you enjoy our products. We are here to help so if you have any questions please email us and we will respond. We also can make up gift baskets and corporate gifts so please enquire. Each gift is prepared personally to meet your needs.

handmade soap erueka natural beauty products new zealand